wacky weekend

Saturday, we hit the shop and it was beautiful outside! While Funkz pulled his battery box and other bits to drop in his electrolysis thinga-ma-bob, RQ and I pulled my rims. I cleaned up the first one by hand but then realized that I have the magic of power tools! So, I used a soft polishing wheel and let the RedQueen do the front drum. It looks much better than the one I did! Still need to clean them up some more but I ran out of brake cleaner. You can never have too much! After that we ran some errands and had a movie night.

Sunday, we had planned to go bet a new computer desk and a shelf for the ratties. But instead, we spent the day hanging out at Rusted Moon (a backpacking shop that my Mom works for) with Max. Max is the coolest dog on the planet. Unfortunatly, since we live in an apartment, we can't keep him. If we could, then he the RQ and I would have the bestest dog in the world. Yes, I said bestest, get over it. But, tonight we're taking him to a German Shepherd Rescue south of Indianapolis. He has no tags, no chip and doesn't want to go back to wherever he came from. We named him Max because he seems to like it. I'd go into more detail but I'll spare you.

Good Luck Max VonSchutzhund, you'll find a good family!

sleepy max

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Lucky said...

German shepherds are awesome dogs. I hope Max finds a good home!