the challenge continues

Funkz and I actually managed to get our asses to the shop by about 9:15am on Sat. He finally got his oil filter bolt cut out and the cup pulled. So, we headed down to CRC2 to get his parts. I grabbed a Haynes manual for my bike since my other one was stolen by gremlins. By the time we got back to the apartment, the RedQueen had just got home from work. She has a buggered tooth and it's giving her some wicked headaches. All 3 of us got some lunch and waited for the mailman to arrive. Finally, the USPS blessed me with my package from CRC2. The contents: 1 Dyna Ignition but no cam chain master link!

Since RQ wasn't feeling well, I skipped the afternoon at the shop and hungout with her. Before bed that night, I had one of those "holy shit!" moments. I remembered I have a spare cam chain someplace in the shop. I'll be hitting the shop after work all week. It's going to be in the high 60s and the 70s on the weekend. The weather is beautiful, my bike is still in pieces, I've got my gear and my permit. It's driving me nuts...

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