taking a couple of steps back....

The bike is currently on the back burner for a bit due to this little monster keeping us busy:

Things are going fairly well with the pup but she can be a handful! I'm hoping to get some of the carb work done in the near future. My shop time is limited to weekends for a bit. Once the pup can relax and isn't wound up like a spring, she can go to the shop with me. My Saturdays will soon be taken over for 2 hours for Puppy Kindergarten, it will be nice to take her for a sane walk everytime! Needless to say I'm pretty beat. A full nights sleep is a thing of the past...

No real bike news beside my friend bought some giant Honda Cruiser. I think it's a VTX but I'm not positive. It's huge, heavy and black. So it's not all bad (except for the chrome). The RedQueen and I have decided to eventually get a Ural Gear-Up but it won't be for quite a while. She really wants a bike but for now that's on the back burner. Plus, we're trying to save up towards a house down payment.

Fear not all 2 people who read my blog, I haven't given up on the caferat. Just took a step back for a bit. Which is probably a good thing because, to be honest, I was getting a bit frustrated!


you shot who in the what now?

So yeah... hey how are ya?

We got the Mikunis installed along with all their necessary hardware. Unfortunatly my air filters don't fit. I found some K&Ns but I can't afford them yet. I've also been given numerous recommendations about the jetting for the VM32s. But for now, I'm gonna stick with stock and see how it will run. The throttle assembly that came with the carbs is crazy. Only after I installed it did I notice it's a 1/4 throttle. Plus, running those cables into the slides is a real pain in the ass!

The bike work will be delayed for a bit, we get the pup this Friday. Here's a pic of the RedQueen and Ruby (it's kinda blurry):

In an effort to fix my credt, obtain a new vehicle and throw away a chunk of my monthly income, I signed the paperwork for my truck a week ago today. I took home a 98 Ford Explorer Sport 2Door. That's right, a Ford Explorer (without the anti-tank firestone tires). It's from Canada but the gauges are in US measurements. I dig it. The payments are a little more than I wanted but no one would finance me. So, in order to clean up my financial history, I'm letting the bank have it's way with me for 36 months.