frame to bench, bench to frame

My buddy and I got the cam timing set and the engine installed on Sunday. We have the dyna timed but I didn't make any "micro" adjustments to it though. We'll be diving further into that this weekend if I get a chance to do some wrenching. Maybe even get the tank, carbs and all put back on. If we're lucky, perhaps a test start!

I need to ditch my stock pipes and get a 2 into 1. That should cut atleast 25lbs off my bike. Every little bit will help. I know I lost a couple of pounds when I swapped the rear suspension. But I gained about 5 with the epoxy coating in the tank, it's pretty thick up front! Not really sure what else I can do to cut down on weight. I want to keep my fenders but maybe trim them up a bit. The seat needs to be chopped down to a more sleek shape. I'd like to add a Lucas style taillight as well. Maybe some smaller signals as too.

Saturday night is another flat-trak race. We might check it out. My Mom has been hanging out with one of the racers. He's pretty cool and has a ton of bikes. I've always loved flat-track but not as much as board track. Too bad we can't gather a ton of people with SpookyTooth bikes and make our own board track racing! Anywho...

In 4wheel news, a freeze plug on my truck began leaking Friday night. I limped it back home (only about 1 mile away from home) and called my roadside assistance. The truck got towed to the dealership on Sunday and I was without wheels. Now, if I had my bike, this wouldn't be a concern. So, $260 later, I have my truck back. I know the mechanic at the dealership, so I know he didn't screw me on labor. I found horror stories online of people paying much more than $260 to fix a plug.

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