Thanks to the BMV's inaccurate calculator on their website, I know have enough spare cash to order my filters! The site said my plates would cost $95, but they were only $70. So, I placed an order with Competitive Edge in Cali for two 57mm 5inch filters and a can of aersol oil spray. I know the Unis are supposed to be crappy and have a short life but it's all I can afford right now.

No garage time this week but maybe next weekend. RedQueen and I are headed to Nashville to do some lazy car camping with her family. It should be an adventure, the pup's never been on a long road trip before. I'll try to post some pics when we get back.

In moto news, I decided to not use my old airbox covers. Instead, I'm going to get 2 number plates (sporting the number 13) to cover my filters. I still need a set of tires but those might wait until spring. I doubt I'll get much road time this year and the present set is good enough for tooling around short distances. I have a lot of mods I'd like to do over the winter if we get Frankencycle running before then. Future plans include:

- number plate covers
- cut down factory seat
- repaint headlight mounts
- new tank (longer cafe style)
- cut original muffler off and replace
with Emgo Shorty or Tapered exhausts
- replace stock brake light and signals

That's all I can think of with standing infront it and letting my imagination run wild. Man, I'm still giddy from my ride on Sunday. One day I'll be giddy from riding my own bike! When it runs, I'll post a video as proof.

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Surly said...

Don't forget if you cut off the mufflers your jetting will change. If you dont bump up the mains a top end run might fry those pistons.
Just a word of caution.