a favor?

I know some of you out there have access to temporary or demo versions of cds. Anyone have a copy of "The Great Beast Speaks"? If so, I sure would like to borrow it for a day or two. Or perhaps you need a backup copy made, which helps protect your investment...


15 minutes put to good use...

Land O Lakes has introduced new instant fancy pants coffee. I like coffee, so I got a pack when RQ and I were at the store. It's been sitting in my desk for almost a week, today my morning caffiene will be complimented by some fun.

Everyone knows the trick with the Land O Lakes girl and folding the box. If not, here's the long and the short of it. You cut out the mini box of butter that the Indian Girl's (Native American if you want to get picky) hands and fold the box. If done correctly, her knees will bear a striking resemblence to her "twins".

Well, I decided to bring this into the 21st Century. It's not quite as easy but it still works:

Hahaha! I love it! Sorry for the crappy pic but it's the best I can do.

(No moto news today just good ol' fashion dirty fun)



The new and improved Frankencycle:

The RedQueen looking coy:

Sorry to confuse people but the red and black 450 I posted isn't mine. It's damn cool though! The Frankencycle doesn't look too different than the last time I posted pics. It has the Mikunis and Uni filters installed which make it look hella tough. It will look even better with some number plates over the filters.

I'm not sure if I'll get shop time this weekend due to possible overtime at work. But, I will be riding the 350 again on Sunday and some MX bikes. I'll try to get some pics of all the fun.

Last weekend, we went back to Kokomo for more riding. The RedQueen is getting comfy on two wheels and will be ripping it up before we know it. I went for a long ride on the CL350 and it was a blast. I had my baptism by fire with traffic and crosswinds. I got a little nervous with the bad wind but I calmed myself down and just leaned into it. The 350 is a bit wobbly over 65mph, especially with crosswinds. After an hour of riding we headed back and picked up RQ. She rode on the back of Funkz 750 because I'm nowhere near ready for riding 2up. All in all it was a great weekend. I know I still need a lot of practice and I'm looking forward to more ride time (on my bike or the 350). Plus, RQ and I want to take the MSF course next year. Anywho, gotta work....


Holy Crap!!!!

After all the hard work, broken parts, angry words and stress, it's finally done (for the most part)! My bike finally runs under it's own power. It needs some fine tuning and a few odd bits finished up but it runs dammit! We put 2 miles on it and damn it's bad ass.

The pipes are crazy loud. It takes a fair amount of throttle to get off the line but getting the carbs straightened out should take care of that. It also bogs down in 2nd and 3rd. The idle takes a bit drop down after closing the throttle. The tac needs to be fixed too. I'm freaking stoked!!! I have a running bike that was built from boxes of parts and 2 dead bikes.

Thanks to everyone who helped me and urged me not to go the easy route and sell it.

(I have witnesses and a crappy video if you're in doubt!)

3 days of motorized mayhem!

Tonight we'll be hitting the shop in hopes of buttoning up the remaining work on my bike. I got my Uni filters in the mail and a can of aersol oil. Thankfully it all turned out to be cheaper than I thought. Got all the bits at dealer price. Guess it was worth the extra wait time. Maybe a test start? Maybe not. We'll see how the work goes.

Saturday we'll be going back to INS for hours of dirt track racing. Sunday we're heading back up to the compound to ride the trails. I imagine I'll get a little street time in on the CL360. Maybe a group ride to Sonic for lunch? RedQueen is excited about getting back on two wheels. She did great last time and I'm looking forward to watching/helping her progress.

Rumor has it that Surly might be attending the race as well.