3 days of motorized mayhem!

Tonight we'll be hitting the shop in hopes of buttoning up the remaining work on my bike. I got my Uni filters in the mail and a can of aersol oil. Thankfully it all turned out to be cheaper than I thought. Got all the bits at dealer price. Guess it was worth the extra wait time. Maybe a test start? Maybe not. We'll see how the work goes.

Saturday we'll be going back to INS for hours of dirt track racing. Sunday we're heading back up to the compound to ride the trails. I imagine I'll get a little street time in on the CL360. Maybe a group ride to Sonic for lunch? RedQueen is excited about getting back on two wheels. She did great last time and I'm looking forward to watching/helping her progress.

Rumor has it that Surly might be attending the race as well.



Gymi said...

Looks GREAT red,fantastic job. Congrats

red said...

sorry to disappoint you, that's not my bike. i wish it was! i'll post a pic of it today.