Holy Crap!!!!

After all the hard work, broken parts, angry words and stress, it's finally done (for the most part)! My bike finally runs under it's own power. It needs some fine tuning and a few odd bits finished up but it runs dammit! We put 2 miles on it and damn it's bad ass.

The pipes are crazy loud. It takes a fair amount of throttle to get off the line but getting the carbs straightened out should take care of that. It also bogs down in 2nd and 3rd. The idle takes a bit drop down after closing the throttle. The tac needs to be fixed too. I'm freaking stoked!!! I have a running bike that was built from boxes of parts and 2 dead bikes.

Thanks to everyone who helped me and urged me not to go the easy route and sell it.

(I have witnesses and a crappy video if you're in doubt!)


Markus said...

c'mon, pics...video..anything!
les seeit!

Gymi said...

I'm with Markus, bring it on.