burnin' up the fretboards....

That's right, Junior Brown. Saw him last night with RedQueen and Funkz. It was an amazing show. My friend used to tell me that you never can fully appreciate Junior Brown until you see him live. Holy crap! To top it all off, he's a riot on stage. Cracking jokes, messing with the crowd and twisting sounds out of BigRed that seem impossible. Plus, he's from Kirksville, IN. He played a few tracks I had never heard before and they were cracking me up! Here you go:

In Moto News:

We might get ride time this Sunday in Kokomo. Last week we had to skip out on it due to having a case of the plague. Friday and Saturday are gonna be super busy if we're gonna make it to Mike's on Sunday. We're moving across the hall to the new 2 bdrm apartment. Doesn't sound too bad right? But we have to paint the new one and clean the old one.

I finally got my pilot jets but haven't had the time to install them. Maybe next week or weekend. I also got a new riding jacket since mine is too big for my scrawny frame. The new jacket fits a lot better. It's reinforced denim with leather sleeves and CE armor all around. I still need to get some good riding pants but I have my eye on a set from Hein Gericke. They've got some cool stuff, check 'em out:


Surly said...

I've seen Junior twice. He rules.

Gymi said...

He shows up in Ferndale at The Magic Bag a couple times a year. We try to catch at least one of the shows. It is always a great show.

Anonymous said...

He spent some time down here in Austin, used to perform at the Continental Club, but he upped sticks and moved to Dallas last I heard. Never did here WHY?

I have all his albums, I like his "surf music" stuff particularly well.