12 inches of frosty winter

34 days until spring. Obliviously this doesn't mean the Indiana weather will magically change. We still have weeks of thunderstorms, tornadoes and maybe some crazy hail to deal with. But scattered here there are nice weekends with lots of sunshine and higher temps. Those will be prime shop time, right now, it's just too damn cold. Our collection of little space heaters just can't compete with the slabs of cold cement and icy metal walls. So the shop sits dormant for awhile longer. Tools thrown about and scattered from our last wrenching session. Normally we're pretty good at putting up or tools and keeping the place clean. But the last time we were there it was raining like mad and getting chilly.

The 350 has been put on the back burner until after the wedding. Frankencycle is still waiting for the last few bits of tweaking. I got my stock air boxes in and they're in pretty good shape. The filters could use a cleaning but not too dirty to use. So, the 450's list is nice and simple. Slap on the air boxes, check the timing, check valve clearance, oil change and fine tune the carbs. That should definitely make her roadworthy enough to ride to get new tires and tubes. I'm going the cheap route with rubber, Cheng Shin Hi-Max. Might even go with a slightly fatter rear tire if I can.

Next Thursday, Funkz, Boxy, OddJob and I are heading to the Cycle Expo here in Indy. It will probably be a chopperfest but I'm signing up myself and RedQueen for the ABATE Course. I'm looking forward to taking the class. I have plenty of rough spots in my "skills" that need to smoothed out.

Keep warm, winter is almost gone...

(if you have seen "The Motorcycle Diaries" rent it. very good flick)

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