cooking in the sun...

It's a toasty day for riding but a good day nonetheless. Went out on the 750 for a few hours and just farted around town. I'm getting my street legs and plenty of good riding practice. I spent a chunk of Weds afternoon working on slow full stop turns. Funky and I are going to spend some time in one of the big parking lots working on figure 8s and other skills.

Still no news on the 350s title issue but I've become disgruntled about it all. If all else fails, I'll get some cash out of it as a parts bike.

My new knee/shin guards are working well. I prefer armor that is worn on you instead of built in because most riding pants don't fit me well. Plus, they're freaking expensive.


Brigid said...

Missed you two at the blog meet. I hope you are out enjoying this summer to the fullest!

red said...

We wanted to attend but we spent the day cutting down trees and clearing brush at my Grandparent's place.