progress w/o pictures.

Both CB750s are stripped down to the frames. Funky's bike now has a set of bronze swing arm bushings to replace the worn out pot metal factory set. The tapered stem bearings are patiently waiting in the freezer but they're on hold until we can get his frame modified. There are a few basic wiring repairs/upgrades remaining but they have to wait until reassembly.

His engine is back from Cycle Exchange and man is it impressive. It's been bored out to 97?cc, hot cam and lots of other upgrades I can't remember. Once the frame has been modified, we can shoe-horn the engine back in and start reassembly. This bike will be a monster on the street and hopefully break some records when he runs it at the strip and on the salt.

My 750 is down until I order the needed parts (swing arm bushings, stem bearings, etc). Once I have those (and have degreased the frame again), I'll start piecing it back together. We still need to pick up the engine and see if we can get the #4 cylinder to stop fogging out the neighborhood. Most likely I'll need to hone the cylinders and drop in new rings. I am a bit worried what we'll find once we dig into the engine but we'll see. The running theory is that it used to be someones drag bike (painted over racing numbers on the seat, possible 836cc kit, covers w/cooling fins).

Like always, I've started a project and haven't taken pictures of the process. I did find an old camera, which will live in the garage. Might even get some pics up tonight. I'm trying to build a beat up old shop computer and post directly from the source of all the action.

I don't day dream too often about bikes I don't own but man would I love to have one of these (and I'm not a H.D. fan).

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