cleaned up

Pulled the pistons and put them threw the parts washer. There is some slight pitting but nothing major (I think). We did a quick test on the valves by spraying carb cleaner into the exhaust/intake. The exhaust side had a few leaks. So, we'll be picking up a valve spring tool and pulling them. We have a set of new guides but the valves might be kaput. Anywho, pics from tonight.

The rings weren't too bad either but no better time to replace them than now.


Gymi said...

Y'all are making some damn good progress. I need to invite you over for my next one. usually takes me six months to get that far. Looking pretty good.

red said...

I love tearing engines down, we'll see how fast we get it back together!

Once the 750 is on the road, I'm up for a wrenching party!