record setting adventure rider Shinji Kazama

Today Shinji Kazama arrived in Indianapolis as a starting point for his ride from Louisville, KY and into Canada. If I understand correctly, it's on a prototype Yamaha bicycle.

Here's a thread with some of his records, such as first person to ride to the North Pole on a motorcycle (TW200) and highest altitude reached on Mt Everest via motorcycle (6000m).

I'll update the post with details and maybe photos when I get a chance.

Pretty cool.


that's a wrap (huh huh huh)

It took two attempts at wrapping the harness. First time around, I included the coil wires and left out the oil pressure wire. Ooops. Thankfully the wrap works great, re-used all of it. Plus, I found another broken wire. The harness is installed and everything (except the coils and horn) tested ok.

Tomorrow, I'll be boiling the air intake boots in a mix of wintergreen oil and water. We used this for carb boots a few years ago and it worked great. Hopefully this will get the 77's airbox installed and sealed up. I'm trying to sink as little money as possible into this project. I want to get it running and make some cash.

The big question is, do I pull the 4 into 1 from the 77 and install it on my bike or do I use the stock pipes that we have lying around? I'm leaning towards the stock pipes, they have a great sound. But the Kerker is freaking sweet too.

What do you think?