shakedown run/breakdown run

Went out for a short ride yesterday. Only made it about 40 minutes north before I lost power and then the bike completely died. Thankfully, I found a nice running trail to pull onto. Cylinders 1 & 4 weren't firing, both pipes were much cooler than 2 & 3. I called for a pick up and in the mean time, decided to start trouble shooting while I waited.

Turns out, I didn't pack my plug wrench but it didn't really matter since the chance of both spark plugs failing at the same time is pretty low. This narrowed it down to the coils. After pulling the fairing (not a simple job, it has to taken apart), I pulled both coil packs and cleaned up the connections. I hit the start button and all four cylinders came to life.

Not ready to trust the bike yet, I had my "support team" follow me for a bit. Thankfully I trusted my gut because about 100 yards from the meeting point, cylinders 1 & 4 died again.

So... This week, I'll be pulling the coils, checking the resistance, replacing plugs (with the correct model, these are a bit hot) and also repairing a broken connection on my heated grips.

Things I learned:

1. I need a camera that is small enough to carry because I wish I would have taken pictures.

2. You can do a lot of work with the Cruz Outbacker.

3. Better to happen than on my way to Canada!


Grumpyunk said...

Like that Outbacker. Having grown up w/ junker rides, my bags are stuffed w/ tools, Wire ties and Duct tape. (Knocking on wood) It's nice I haven't had to use much of it. And you already know about my love of Krazy Glue and how it can save yer ass.

red said...

Yup, always be prepared!