Finally got the carb parts in the mail. They're reassembled and all four get fuel now and are running well. We did a sync and found that they were pretty out of balance. We'll do another sync after shimming the valves. Unfortunatley, I ordered to wrong valve tool last fall. So, I need to track down the correct one. Then I can figure out what shims I need and if I can swap any out. I have 2 valves within spec, two that are too tight and the rest are a bit loose.

The headers also got repainted with the same paint I used for the woodstove. Seems to work well.

That's all for now...


vintage + modern

We spent part of Sunday working on the CB970. The CR carbs have been pulled and replaced by a fat set of Mikuni flat slides. These should be able to feed the fuel and air hungry engine. It was a helluva process getting the carbs on. We had to use a tie down strap looped around the engine and a ratchet strap hooked to my car as an anchor. There was a noticible lack of profanity in the garage. Weird.

The Mikunis still need to be dialed in and we have to find a K&N filter that fits between the carbs and frame. These carbs make the bike sound like a different animal, less scream more vroom. Hell, it even idles better.

No progress on my bike but I do have a second set of carb parts coming from the XJ600forum. They might even make it to my mail box this time! We should also have a fancy pants manometer for carb balancing by Thursday. I might actually get to ride before this winter!