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We spent part of Sunday working on the CB970. The CR carbs have been pulled and replaced by a fat set of Mikuni flat slides. These should be able to feed the fuel and air hungry engine. It was a helluva process getting the carbs on. We had to use a tie down strap looped around the engine and a ratchet strap hooked to my car as an anchor. There was a noticible lack of profanity in the garage. Weird.

The Mikunis still need to be dialed in and we have to find a K&N filter that fits between the carbs and frame. These carbs make the bike sound like a different animal, less scream more vroom. Hell, it even idles better.

No progress on my bike but I do have a second set of carb parts coming from the XJ600forum. They might even make it to my mail box this time! We should also have a fancy pants manometer for carb balancing by Thursday. I might actually get to ride before this winter!

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Gymi said...

I just love the sound of the single cam Hondas, one of the best sounding bikes of all time to my ear. Hope your parts come soon, has to be killing you with all this nice weather.