fun at the range

For my friend's birthday on Saturday, we headed to Camp Atterbury's range. I loaded up my gear, piled on the layers and we hit the road. On the way, we decided to stop at a little gun store past the base. It was called something like Bud's Bait & Guns. The vast inventory included, a few pellet guns, a muzzle loader and some Jimenez pistols. Hmmm, not exactly what we expected.

After back tracking to the range, we get walked through the rules and are assigned our spots on the 100 yard range. Targets up and the range is hot. I shot the 22 rifle for a bit and then started to put rounds through my friends SKS. He wanted to put at least a 100 through it to get a feel for it. Loading the stripper clips into the internal mag takes some effort, especially wearing gloves. Over all, the rifle did well with a few errors. Mostly due to poor loading skills on my part. I did learn something that day. Shooting at 100 yards, in the freezing cold with an SKS, I am a terrible shot. Unfortunately, if you take away the distance and improve the weather, I'm still not a good shot. Maybe we can fix that this year.

We took a break to warm up in the cars, get some snacks and then headed to the trap range. $6 for 25 clay pigeon round seems like a good deal. It's voice activated (or push button) and I learned the hard way that disappointed commentary after a missed shot will activate the system before you are ready. Using my 18" 16ga with no sights, I got 5 out of 23 (2 accidental launches). Not to bad for my 2nd time trying to shoot trap.

All in all it was a great day out, even if I couldn't feel my fingers and toes.

We did hit a larger gun store on the way back. I got to handle the new Taurus polymer 38 and 357. The 357 had the normal Taurus pre cleaning trigger, felt like dragging a cement block with one finger. The 38 on the other hand felt smooth and crisp, too bad the lock up was a bit hinky. I dig the low budget polymer revolvers but you'd definitely have to hand pick which one to buy. I'm not sold on a new carry gun yet. Still can't decide between a slim 9mm (PF9 etc) or a 38 snub. We already have a 7 shot 357 snub so, I'm leaning towards the slim 9mm. Something to throw in my jacket pocket or IWB and not worry about.

Decisions decisions.


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