What the hell? When did Blogger change? Anywho, I did this yesterday and it was awesome.
Starting to look like my "coil" issues were possibly carb/fuel issues. Found what was left of the o-ring that seals the vacuum port on the petcock, hmmm, problem #1. Flushed out a ton of gunk that had broken free inside my gas tank, problem #2. Rerouted the main fuel line to be less bendy. After priming the fuel pump, with a little throttle wiggle, she fired right up.

I took her out for a short test ride w/o issue and Koji did the same. He came back with a big smile on his face. That's a good sign when the person smiling races motorcycles. Ran great all the way home, kept the revs up high and cut through construction traffic like a knife. I'll have to do a few more shakedown runs before I trust her to start hauling me to work on a regular basis. Hell, I still need to finish scrubbing in the new tires. They only have around 180 miles on them.

Did I mention I had a bit of an incident in the garage? I was moving my bike, slipped on something and ended up under her, guess she was glad to see me. No real major damage, bent my front signal mount and scraped the fairing a bit. I don't really see myself ever selling this one so no big deal.