first two-up ride (of many to come)

The Mrs and I suited up and rode north to Kokomo for a vintage bike meet. While my bike isn't technically vintage, it is 19 years old. I figured it was old enough to sneak in. =] The owners of Throttle Jockey were having a cookout and showing "On Any Sunday" via projector onto the garage door.

There was an awesome assortment of bikes but I was lazy and only took pics of a couple of flat track bikes. We met some cool people, saw cool bikes and had a good ride. It was my first time riding with The Mrs, she did great as a passenger. The ride back at night was a bit crisp but nice. There was a spot where my I swear I felt the engine stumble a few times. Immediately, my paranoia kicked into full swing! It's 10pm, we're in between podunk towns and I do not want to have a break down with my wife on the back. Add to those worries the fact that we were hungry, tired and ready to be home.

The odometer was at about 140 miles, too early for reserve but I twisted it over any way. I didn't notice the "stumbling" anymore but that could be because it never happened. The rest of the trip was uneventful unless you can the two botched shifts where I didn't make it past neutral! I guess being tired and hungry was taking it's toll on me, glad we were close to home.

All in all, it was a great time and I'm glad The Mrs had a good time and is looking forward to another trip. This morning, we browsed online for some better riding gear for her. We'll also need to invest in a bigger more comfy bike for longer trips. The SECA is great for short two-up runs or longer solo trips but not so much for longer two-up trips.

Good stuff.

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