a dim light on dark road

The SECA II headlight is not the best.
It's early 90's tech just doesn't cut it any more and I'm not sure it did back when it was new. So, the next mod on the list is a set of LED driving lights mounted to the forks. I'll probably go with something cheap in case they get destroyed or the project doesn't work out like I had hoped. The current plan is to use the mounting points currently occupied by the reflectors. If I can find a flat bar type LED light, that would look the best.

In the meantime, my GPS mounts should be here today. (edit: According to UPS, the parts are sitting at my front door!). I went with a RAM mount for the Garmin Quest I was given. It's old tech but it's free tech! I already have our August destination plugged in and ready to navigate. Not that it's going to be a confusing trip but if you have the toys, might as well use 'em.


With all these mods to the SECA II, I the stock graphics are going to be removed and replaced with something more appropriate. Maybe a reflective XJ600 II Adventure sticker set? By the time I'm done with this bike, it's going to be a weird hybrid and probably the only SECA like it.


DirtCrashr said...

Be careful messing with Yamaha electrics, in my experience they're barely sufficient at best and can't be over-burdened much. You may want to get a higher-output stator or something, and upgrade the battery charging/handling doohicky. I had a late-night trip coming back from the Sierras where I had NO lights (on the freeway!). Luckily I was riding with a gang of buddies and they surrounded me - and we swapped the battery back and forth with a good one a couple times.
Another time (daylight) coming back from the Mountains, it just *died.* I got saved by another Yamaha rider who stopped to help, and engaged in a(nother) battery swap-ride back from the Central Valley to the Bay Area. I bought *her* a new battery when it was all over.

red said...

So far, the heated grips have been ok. I don't trust the charging system to have enough upmfh to run heated grips and extra lights so it would be one or the other.

NotClauswitz said...

I found a beefed-up stator to be of use - but my own electrical knowledge is dismal.