pimply faced teenager

I learned a valuable lesson about gear maintenance. I have owned my helmets for about 3 or 4 years, never once have I washed the liners. Well, after sweating in them both recently, I have the forehead of a greasy teenager. Pulled the liners from both, tossed 'em in the washer on gentle, then into the dryer on low. The manufactures warned against doing both of those things but I'm like to roll the dice and take my chance. I also pull the tags of my mattresses. I'm a rebel Dotty. After some swearing and tetris like moves, I got them both back into the helmets. Now, they fit like new and the clean liners make the cheek pads look terrible. Should have washed those too huh? So, wash your lid.


DirtCrashr said...

I do the cheek-pads too, sometimes I take it (the lid) into the shower and wash it with shampoo, inside and out. It's especially necessary on dirtbike lids - you get so much actual dirt and dust in 'em you can make mud on your face.

red said...

Yeah, I think I"m gonna have to pull the cheek pads too. But not tonight, I'm riding in the morning. =]