shakin' things up!

It's the weirdest thing.

This was in my garage when I woke up this morning.

Sometimes you're set on one path and life steers you towards another.

I was set on a KLR when my riding buddy Rino sent me a craigslist ad for the Uly. For $3k w/full hardbags and the comfort kit, I couldn't pass it up, even if it has 67k miles.
Runs great, rides smooth, shakes like mad at idle and has ridiculous amounts of torque. It will run better after an oil change and I flush out the shitty 87 octane the dealership filled it with before I left.

What's weird is 1 year, 4 months and 10 days ago, I made this post: http://7plus8.blogspot.com/2011/06/dreaming-of-future.html


NotClauswitz said...

Hey cool!! That IS a bitchin' machine.

red said...

Thanks! I love it! I'll post better pics and more info soon.

Gymi said...

You have to love it when you wake up and find a new bike in your garage.