A quick trip to Motorcycle Superstore Outlet

This week I spent a few days in Louisville for work. While I was there I thought I would slip away and check out the Motorcycle Superstore Outlet. Along with the decision ride again came the endless gear quest.

I've been lucky to have great friends who have been gracious enough to outfit me with some essential pieces of gear. For the kit I'm putting together I needed find a decent pair of riding boots. I've been poking around on all the major retailer sites for good deals but nothing has really grabbed my attention. I was hoping to pop into Motorcycle Superstore Outlet, be overwhelmed, make a few selections and walk out with a good deal.

I walked in around 1pm on a Thursday. The shop was dead. I was greeted by a very friendly sales person. We talked a little about riding and about how the outlet works. I informed him that I was looking for a pair of touring boots. He happily led the way and let me know that he would be around if I had any questions. There were quite of few offerings. I started picking up a few pairs to check the size when the idea of an outlet hit me. I'm of average height, weight, and shoe size. Those types of products don't have problems selling. If however you are a small or very large male or just female then this is your gold mine.

Finally I found a pair in my size. A sharp looking boot with an aggressive sole. I liked the idea of having a sole I could tromp around in, especially if we were going to do some adventure riding with camping. The price tag was a bit more than what I was looking to spend. I tried them on and liked the fit and features but really I have no experience to compare them against. After a pricing nudge from the sales person I was out the door with my newly purchased Rev'it Apache H2O boots.

I got home from my trip early enough to get a ride in before I had to pick the kids up. The boots kept my feet nice and warm and I felt a little more secure with the boots covering my shins. The only issues I had were working the shifter and foot pegs. The boots prevented me from getting a good feel on the shifter. Because of this I missed a few gears. I assume I'll be more in tune with the boots in the future. Also, because of the aggressive tread on the sole I was often searching for the right footing on my pegs or wondering about the placement of my feet when downshifting and coming to a stop. I'm looking forward to putting a few more rides in on them. As for the Motorcycle Superstore Outlet, I'm pretty happy with the service I received. I plan on taking another trip down some time this winter.


red said...

You might have to adjust the shifter position. Grab a 10mm wrench, it's a quick job.

Steve Mauch said...

It always takes time to adjust to the new boots.

red said...

I definitely want to check it out, I'm starting to not like my Joe Rocket boots.