AGV Sport Telluride H2O Motorcycle Pants Review

I was excited to see these pants at my doorstep a few Tuesdays ago. I had caught a sale at motorcycle superstore the pervious weekend and was even more surprised when they showed up 2 business days later.

After I popped the box open I found the pants adorn with tags featuring all the flashy features of these pants. The AGV Sport Telluride H2O's come with a quilted thermal liner and a waterproof liner which where already in place when I pulled them from the box. I wear a size 33 in jeans and with little help from the ambiguous sizing chart and online product comments, I ordered the regular large. The AGV's are not over pants so expect to bring some different pants if you don't want to where armor while off the bike.

With the 2 additional liners in place the pants are snug and have a "stay in place" feel to them. The knee armor was positioned slightly low on my knees which should be positioned correctly for my riding position. With all the liners in place, my legs began to sweat really quickly. Because these pants are snug, it took quite a bit of effort to remove them once my legs got sweaty.

To secure the pants to your waist there are two adjusters on either side of the pants. I've almost never been known for my hulk like strength but when I gave the right adjuster a tug it ripped free from the pants. Working on the assumption that these pants won't disintegrate in a crash, I decided I would sew the adjuster back on. However, a week later the other side ripped free as well providing me with more sewing practice.

Overall I'm very happy with the pants. Other than than the adjuster straps, the pants seem well constructed. I didn't spend a lot of money and being my first pair of motorcycle pants, and I felt like I got a pretty good bargain. My next priority will be to get a compatibile jacket that will zip to the pants back panel.

Overall Impression:
Good construction (where you need it)
Comfortable and warm on cool and windy days.
Priced right for a beginner rider looking for good protection.


red said...

A bit of warning about these pants.

Since the shell is not waterproof, your butt will feel wet while riding in the rain, even though you have the liner in. Give them a heavy coat of waterproofing or wash them in the treatment. But still carry your rain gear.

red said...

Oh yeah, don't twist the grips off the SECA with your Hulk strength!

Gymi Kroeter said...

you got me pulling out my credit card.

red said...

I see people comment on pants that the knee armor is "in place when in riding position". However, I think it should be in place all the time!

You won't always hit the tarmac in riding position and armor that isn't in place won't do it's job.

That's why I'm going to switch back to wearing knee pads instead of relying on the armor placement in pants. I'm even pondering the idea of going with a pressure suit or armored shirt instead of the built in armor in my jackets.

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