welcome Funks and ShrewsieQ!

If you look to your right, you'll see two new authors.

Funks is my riding buddy who does land speed racing on a highly modified 1976 CB750F.  ShrewsieQ is my lovely wife who has recently rekindled her interest in all things moto.   I imagine they'll introduce themselves over the next few days or weeks.

We're busting at the seams with authors!  Now, the weather just needs to clear up so we can hammer out some gear reviews, ride reports and tech write-ups!


ShrewsieQ said...

Hi! I've got a mini-bio coming soon, some women's gear reviews brewing along with a special treat on how to handle the unexpected wheelie while riding 2-up ;)

red said...

That wheelie was a bit of a surprise for us both! =]