Wolfman Rainier Tankbag Mounts for a Buell Ulysses

With a trip to Cumberland Gap, TN coming up, I needed a tank bag for the Ulysses but since it's a tough "tank" to fit, I borrowed Wheels' Wolfman Rainier to see if I like it.  Since there is no mounting kit for the Ulysses and Wheels had modified his, I had to make my own custom straps.

Using the front air box cover screws as mounting points, I used 1" nylon webbing and large eyelets to make mounting straps.  For the rear, I used the front two fan mounting bolts and ran the webbing under my "heat blanket" as anchors.  The bag seems to be pretty secure and I doubt it's going anywhere but as always, a few test rides are in order.

These straps are open ended so, in the future I can add male buckles to fit the stock Wolfman mounts.  I love the pockets in the Rainier but I'm leaning heavily towards the Large Expedition model.

Coming up after the trip, I'll have a ride report and some gear reviews (featuring SENA SMH5 headsets, my Aerostich AD1 pants, DEI Titanium Header Wrap and a whole kit of women's specific gear from ShrewsieQ).


smmwheels said...

I modified the mounting for the F800GS due to the universal straps that came with the Rainer pack did not fit the way I wanted it to. Sorry it didn't work the best for the Uly but it looks like you made great modifications. Good luck on your trip!

red said...

No need to apologize, it worked out perfectly. Even if you had left the buckles on there, I would have had to make the straps.