the quest for ethanol free gasoline

On Saturday, ShrewsieQ and I rode north to a Co-Op station in Hamilton County in search of ethanol free gas.  I found the lonely additive free pump and filled the Ulysses up with delicious 91+ octane.  It requires at least 91 and I usually feed it a steady diet of 93 if I can.   With the frame full, we headed to World Market to fill up or own tanks with imported snacks.

Last year, we rode around on the Yamaha and ended up at World Market for snacks.  Since it was threatening rain, we parked on the curb under the overhang and had our snack.

This year, we followed the same tradition even without the threat of rain.  We're rebels.  

I realized I should have taken more pictures, like of the pump, our snacks and my lovely wife.  I am lame.

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Unknown said...

CEO of Prodigy Oil and Gas, Mr. Shawn Bartholomae, has his own ideas about the ethanol
debacle unfolding right before our eyes. Pieces continue to come to light about the
government's use of ethanol mixed with gasoline to help promote US energy independence.
"All the ethanol brouhaha began before the US's resurgence into the oil and gas market place,
says Bartholomae.