bloggers block.

Things have been kinda slow around S3 lately.  Life has been throwing us a lot of curve balls;  oil leaks, home projects, work and family obligations have choked down our blog output and our riding input.  Some bike changes will be coming along as well.

Helmet therapy is great but sometimes when it's just to and from work on boring city roads, dodging morons, it doesn't always seem worth putting the gear on and sweating to death in the humidity.

I have a Belstaff jacket review waiting in the ether and McMark has some great pictures from our visit to City Moto. For some reason, I just can't seem to find or make the time to finish them and I feel a bit bad about it.  City Moto is a kick ass gear shop that carries some seriously cool stuff and they're brand new so any bit of advertising helps them out.

I guess I'm living up to the blog's name...

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