Full circle.

After all my lusting for various bikes, everything from a dual sport DR650 to a stripped down 883 EVO, I've found myself back where I started.

Sleeping in my garage is none other than my first real bike, the 1993 XJ600 I sold back in 2012.  It's a bit odd to move backwards, technologically speaking, from a big 1200cc, fuel injected bike but I'm glad to be back on two-wheels. 

I'm working on adding a Pelican case for waterproof and lockable storage, along with some smaller saddlebags.  There is a laundry list of things I want to upgrade and or replace, such as a full LED conversion, new bars and a DIY steering stabilizer.  

My riding time will be mainly restricted to commuting and the occasional getaway but right now is time to focus on Family.  Plenty of moto related adventures are in my future.  I think it's finally time add a Ural Gear Up to the garage.  By the time I have the money saved up, I might actually have the garage cleaned out.