DIY Penny Tech Tank Pads

Something I wanted on the Ulysses but never got around to adding was a set of tank pads for added knee traction.  A few companies sell un-cut sheets of their material so you can custom cut your own but I'm on a "penny tech" budget with the XJ.  So, it was time to visit Harbor Freight.  I found 12"x12" self adhesive rubber mats that are perfect for what I need. I bought two at $5 each, much better than the $40+ for the professional kits.

The mats got left in the car overnight, so they're warming up in the sun. 

Using my cardboard template, I got both pads out of one mat.  

I cleaned the tank with an alcohol prep pad and dried/warmed it up
with my heat gun.  Peel and stick the pads and you're done!  

A fast, easy and cheap project to improve my riding position and control of the bike!

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