2nd Annual Indianapolis Mad Max Run 2015 report!

On April 26th, over 135 riders took to the streets of Indianapolis and put the apocalypse on full display for the 2nd Annual Indianapolis Mad Max Run!  Just like last year, the ride went off without a hitch.  No crashes, no issues from the cagers and no performance awards from the local Bronze. I had never ridden in such a large group before and while not something I would do often, it was a great experience.  A big thank you to Seth and all the other organizers that helped make this an awesome event.

Don't miss your chance to roll with the Wastelanders in 2016. I need to seriously step up my game for next year.  Time to paint my XJ and put it on the path to it's rat bike destiny.

I didn't get a lot of pics but check out the Facebook page for some really great shots.

I'm the one wearing the black leather jacket.