Review of the Viking Bags Extra Large Sissy Bar Bag - Part 2 - The ride.

This is part 2 of the Viking Bags Extra Large Plain Sissy Bar bag. I told you in my last post that I would be taking it out for a spin on the back of my bike. I did and I made a video of the that ride. It's my first video review and it was also my first time using my Sena Technologies Bluetooth Audio Pack to pass my voice directly from my Sena 20S communicator into my GoPro Hero 3+. The audio quality was outstanding and I know for future reference that the quality of my reviews will only be limited by myself and not my equipment.

Overall impression on the sissy bar bag is positive. One can see that it is definitely designed for motorcycles with larger standard sissy bars and luggage racks. Since mine is only 13" tall measuring from the mounting screws, it makes it difficult for this bag to anchor securely. With that being said, I felt confident that the bag would not be falling off on any regular road trip. If I was going off-road then I would have to use a different bag and a completely different motorcycle.

Here is the video. It's long. I'm not usually one to edit any video's so stay with me as this one is a little long. I will do better with my next video's.

Again, a special thanks to Motorcycle House for providing me with this Viking Bags Sissy Bar bag to review.

Stay tuned for my next review as I take an HCI No 89 Modular helmet out for a spin.

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red said...

Let's load it up and test it on a trip this Oct, back to Gettysburg!