break something, fix something

Made it to the shop today and did a little work. I picked up a pair of new (to me) shocks from Cycle Recycle and a universal brake lever. But the micro switch in my old lever was smoked so I guess my brake light won't work except w/my rear brake. No big deal, use them both at the same time. Got the new on/off switch control module thingy installed but not wired. I had to literarlly destroy my headlight housing (cheap plastic that was already broken). I refuse to try to connect all those damn wires behind my headlight and jam that rats nest in there. So, I'm gonna go with a universal headlight and just heat wrap all those wires. I also pulled the harness apart and decided to rewire it another time. The new ignition switch has to be extended and I found a switch holder from some other Honda that I need to go back to CRC2 to buy. So, I guess I made some progress but also set myself back a little bit.

No matter what I do it just doesn't seem to get me any closer to being mobile. But I think a big portion of that is the large gapping hole where my engine will go. Seems to make all the work pointless. Oh well, BnC is gonna start on my crankcase next week. So, maybe I'll have the damn engine back and ready to rock in a week or 2. I'll post some pics once it's in. Monday, we're putting the big ass work bench in the shop. I won it for $20 at work in a silent auction. Here's a pic but it won't have the big white flimsy shelf on top.

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