I picked up my new crankcase yesterday. While I was digging through the backroom of the shop, something caught my eye. At first, all I saw was the vintage Honda tank w/the rubber knee pads. Then I noticed the scrambler exhaust.
So, I wheel it out and I'm in shock. Sitting before me is a 1965 Honda CL72! I tracked down the owner and he said it runs and he'll take $800 for it. We tried to kick her over but no go. So, they're gonna clean it up a bit and see if she'll start. I'm gonna check back in month or so.
If they still have it then I'm gonna make a low ball offer. It definitly needs a good once over, a tail light and some signals but nothing too bad. My better half recently said she wants to find a cool bike (cue the heavenly music) and ride with me. So, I'm thinking that would make a hell of a first bike! Definitly need to make some changes, like a standard ignition instead of points and some other mods but nothing major.

So what do you guys think? Worth the $$$? I'm gonna try to low ball him starting at $500 but only if they get it running.

Tomorrow, The Red Queen (my better half) and I are gonna play grease monkeys. We'll be tearing down the new engine I bought so I can get the crankcase to the machine shop. I'm still pretty stoked about that CL72. It's a rolling piece of history. She'd definitly be the only person in town riding a 41 year old Honda. We'll probably fight over who gets to ride it some days, it's just too cool not to ride. But, I'm trying to not get my hopes up about it because they might not have it by the time I get my tax check. If not, I'll find something equally as cool for her.

In non-vintage news, yesterday Funkz (owner of the CB750SS) and I gave stripper bike (the EX500) a good rolling start and slammed her into 2nd. The gates of heaven opened up and rained heavenly light upon us as we heard the engine cycle over and try to start! She's not locked up but will probably need a rebuild regardless. It's not my project, it's my buddy Mark's when ever he gets around to starting it. It's a pretty sweet little scoot, especially without all that stupid plastic. Looks hella MadMax meets Akira. So, if he never starts working on it, I might take it over. But that's all just speculation. The CL450 has full priority until the day it runs. Still pondering the full disc swap but one thing at a time.

Hope everyone had a safe and fun New Year's Eve. Here's to 2006, it's gonna be a great year!

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