Busy busy weekend ahead, lots of shop time, dinner with friends from out of town and misc other things to accomplish. Still no word about my crankcase but I've got a handy dandy list of what needs to be done this weekend. Hopefully the RedQueen will be feeling well enough to go with us, she's been sickly. Maybe I'll return with some pics from this weekend.

I found a couple of Sportys that are pretty kick ass. It would be a hell of a project to build one of these. But I think it might be my next goal. Won't be anytime soon but something to look forward to. I don't hate HD or even dislike them. I dislike the rolling billboards and the Harley snobs. Unfortunatly this town is full of them . I could definitly cruise one of these monstrosities. I wonder how the V-Twin, in all it's shaky glory would hold up as a "sport" bike, like these.

Hmm..... wonder how much you could get an older, perhaps slightly damaged sportster for. I don't think it would take much to do this conversion, but that tank has got to be atleast $400. Probably take a load of cash to convert it to chain drive as well. Definitly have to stick with the spoke rims, the look so much better than mag style. That's one of the many factors that made me decide not to do the CBR disc swap on the CL450. Gonna go with an older CB disc for the front and keep the rear drum. But that all depends on how bad the front drums are, if I can tolerate it, then I'm gonna keep 'em stock. Save the swap money for other ideas.

Behold the coolest Harelys ever to tear up the asphalt:

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Gymi said...

That's the great thing about a Sporty, you can pretty much build it to suit your needs. Just don't forget the loctite.