sweet mother of God!

Yesterday we picked up the crankcase from BnC and grabbed a few supplies, including White Castle. Then we headed to the shop to start work. The new clutch pack is in, new gaskets all around and the engine is now assembled! I skipped working on the wiring harness so we could install the engine. It took some serious effort and I think a shoe horn was involved but we finally got the 140lb chunk of metal wedged into the frame.

From here on out, it's a lot of minor things like sprockets, headlight, reconnect the wiring harness and other misc things. But getting that engine in felt like a major step. There's still about 3 months left before prime riding time starts up and I think it might actually be running by then. Still needs to be tuned and timed but we'll deal with that once everything else is done. I was going to switch over to a solid state ignition module but I'm gonna wait until after it runs.

The Red Queen got some cool pics of us working and there will be more to come once she gets her film developed and I find our scanner. We're still trying to find a CL or CB 450 for her, so if you know of one for sale, let me know. There's gotta be a few sitting around the midwest that I can pick up for a couple hundred bucks.

Here you go, a real pick of my 1973 CL450 Frankencycle:

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Lucky said...

That's one fine looking bike!

Nice shirt, too.