Funkz and I hit the shop early on Saturday. It was a nippley 20something degress outside but the shop heaters worked well until the outlet crapped out. We worked until it got super cold, then it was time for lunch. I got the bar end mirrors mounted and also put on that ignition mount/fuse holder. The switch is about 1/2" smaller in diameter than the mount so I need to find a couple of washers to clamp it in to place. We pulled my front and rear sprockets, so I have to hit CRC2 on Tuesday. No luck with removing the chain, no power = no dremel = no chain cutting. I've looked over that chain atleast 3 or 4 times trying to find a master link but I think it's a press on style.

We got the wiring figured out for Funkz gravestone taillight. Looks pretty damn cool. I also got a nice little bag of misc tools from my Grandpa. I should be getting more soon. He gave me his 5" Littletown vise, some old Williams tools and a few other things I need like a punch set. I've decided to go with the Machinist route, probably through IUPUI. Now, I just need to start talking with enrollment staff about night school and the such.

I spent a good chunk of my tax return on furniture and other misc things for the new apartment. I'll post some pics once it's all set up. There's still enough $ leftover for bike parts and maybe a new leather or helmet. I'm trying to find a good leather that has Knox CE armor but won't cost me a crap load. I think I'm going with the Fieldsheer Duece II. It's a pretty plain old school jacket and has pockets for armor. I'm looking into the HJC AC-12 helmet. Seems to be a good lid with great features for a nice price. But I'm gonna wait until I can try it on before I order it. I spent about an hour reading up on helmets here . Definitly turned me away from a few brands like Icon for example. Anyway, gotta get to work.


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