fun with wiring!

The wiring harness is hooked up, just waiting on a headlight bucket. BnC hasn't had a chance to work on my crankcase but they might get to it Monday. Spring is almost here and I still have plenty to do on my bike. I'm not moving along as fast as I had hoped. I still need to get armor for my jacket and some armored pants. Once the engine is reassembled here's roughly what I have left:

- clean out drum brakes (check shoes)
- new exhaust
- complete nut and bolt check for torque settings
- tune / time engine
- mount ignition switch (need 2 big ass washers)
- adjust brakes and clutch
- sync carbs and install new fuel line
- take one link out of the chain for more adjustment room

That should be about it. It's not really all that much to do. I just need to have a couple of long days at the shop and knock it out. I don't want to jinx myself and say it's gonna be done by a certain date. With all the odd ball problems I've run into, I have to take in account of whatever gremlins show up.


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Surly said...

Check out the vintage brake website for really good tips on setting up your brakes.
What do you need for a headlight bucket? I've got some crap laying around. BTW, did you get the email I sent you on setting up the 450?