the battle against valve springs

I went to the shop last night in hopes of getting something done before Sat. The brakes are now assembled and the tires are back on the bike. I also got the headlight bucket installed. So, I decided to try to time the cams myself. The intake cam is spot on but the exhaust cam isn't even close! Somehow, I have to compress the valve spring inorder to get the cam and bearing marks lined up. I've tried lowering the lash adjusters but it still doesn't give enough room.

Needless to say, I'm not scared of pulling the head apart anymore. I had the cams out and the rocker arms. So, I guess I learned something out of all the frustration. It's time to call Rob at CRC2 and order my electronic ignition. No more points for me. Plus, I bought a cam chain from them but it didn't come with a master link. Since he's the walking encyclopedia of bike knowledge, he might have some insight into my valve issue.

Funks and I will be hitting the shop again tonight, for about 2 hours. Maybe even Friday night as well. If I want my bike running ASAP, I'm gonna have to get off my lazy ass and put in the time besides Saturdays. Winter is gone and the weather is getting nice. No more half-assing. I also finally hit the BMV and got my permit.

back to work.....

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