one of those days....

Saturday we hit the shop around noon. The RedQueen and I cleaned up the shop a bit until Funkz got there. Then we started assembling the engine, setting ring gaps and etc. Then the cam chain gave us trouble. At first had a kink some place which made us lose a link. Then we pulled it and ran it again. But it wouldn't catch on the crank. Finally after fighting the damn thing for about 40 min, we took a break. Pushed out stripper bike (the EX500) and pushed each other around for a bit. Got her up into 3rd and she turned over pretty smooth. We're still trying to figure out what to do with it.

After playing around and ingesting some tasty pizza, it was back to work. We finally got the damn chain installed. Then I couldn't find the section in my manual for presetting the cams after a rebuild. So, we did it by setting the left piston to TDC and the rest was just pure brain power. After we got it set, the rocker arm gapped and the covers installed, Funkz found the section of the manual we needed. By that time, it was getting late and we were all tired and frustrated.

This weekend, we're starting at 9 am. We will have the engine installed and set. But we need to reassemble the brakes and put the wheels back on. Then we'll get the new headlight bucket installed and double check the wiring connections. We plan on putting in a long day, maybe squeeze in a few hours during the week if possible.

I redid my finances today and figured out that I'll have money for Vintage Days if I jumble around some bills. Hopefully we'll have enough to get RQ a bike. I imagine they'll be a few at the swap meet.

yeah...back to work.


(I hope to get some pics taken next week so you can see the progress)

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