success!  (kinda)

well, i got them to install properly (normal direction, not flipped 180). but i can't get the point mount screws to clear the dyna. can't really grind the pick-ups. plus, in the process of pushing the wiring through, i smoked the rotten rubber seal that was around the factory wires. 

in theory, no oil or fluids should be in that cover, so i'm guessing that seal was just to keep gunk and liquids out of the points assembly. i'll have to figure out a way to plug it.

the worst part is this, the cover won't fit with the dyna installed! so it's back to the parts shop with my spare spark advancer and whole points assembly including the dyna in a mock set up. hopefully they can find something to use or else i'm clueless. 

if that all goes through, it's on to the wiring and finishing the engine!


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