With the new clutch bits installed, still no working clutch. I pulled the pack and oiled it up and checked the assembly. Everything looks good. After we struggled with the adjustment and finally got the clutch to release, it wouldn't return. So now we think we're dealing with a stretched cable (it's 30 years old). A new one should arrive in a couple of days.

Sunday, the RedQueen has a babyshower to attend. While she's off showering babies, I'll hopefully be either prepping the bike for test starts or enjoying test rides. Oh, but before all the shower on Sunday.... Southern Culture on the Skids will be here Saturday night! Finally, after missing 2 or 3 shows in a row, I'll get to see SCOTS.

I was informed that this is the guys and gals shower, so I'll be hanging with FatChan and all the others on Sunday.
**end edit**

must smoke....

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bladerunner said...

you're not coming to the shower? hrmph. anybody who's anybody will be there.