fried chicken and gasoline

I ordered my carb rebuild kits and some tank epoxy from Caswell. Funkz used it on his 750 and the tank is perfect inside. It's a 2part mixture that leaves a tough as nails epoxy coating, bonding all the rust and jizz to the inside of the tank. My tank is pretty clean inside but it does have a leak along the front right seam.

Hopefully we'll have the tank done and carbs rebuilt before Saturday. Maybe we can get a successful start! I can rebuild the carbs at home but I'll have to hit the shop sometime this week to get the clutch issue taken care of. I'm gonna pull both side covers, lube the plates and check all the guts and springs on the left side. But those plates were put in with a thin coating of oil but that was months ago. Why did I put a thin coat when I know it's a wet clutch? Who knows. I think it's just a matter of adjustment or lack there of. The rear brake also needs to be tighter. The front brake cable is way too long but I can deal with it for now.

I'll worry about rinky-dink things like that later. For now it's getting the monster to fire up, idle and make those lovely engine noises. Then it's off to get some new rubber. Still interested in those Distanzas but they might not come in the correct size.

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