taking a couple of steps back....

The bike is currently on the back burner for a bit due to this little monster keeping us busy:

Things are going fairly well with the pup but she can be a handful! I'm hoping to get some of the carb work done in the near future. My shop time is limited to weekends for a bit. Once the pup can relax and isn't wound up like a spring, she can go to the shop with me. My Saturdays will soon be taken over for 2 hours for Puppy Kindergarten, it will be nice to take her for a sane walk everytime! Needless to say I'm pretty beat. A full nights sleep is a thing of the past...

No real bike news beside my friend bought some giant Honda Cruiser. I think it's a VTX but I'm not positive. It's huge, heavy and black. So it's not all bad (except for the chrome). The RedQueen and I have decided to eventually get a Ural Gear-Up but it won't be for quite a while. She really wants a bike but for now that's on the back burner. Plus, we're trying to save up towards a house down payment.

Fear not all 2 people who read my blog, I haven't given up on the caferat. Just took a step back for a bit. Which is probably a good thing because, to be honest, I was getting a bit frustrated!

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