Urge to sell rising....

Saturday did not go well at the shop. The first item on my to do list was to get the slides to close more than 3/4 throttle. So, I pulled the idle scews and saw minimal change. I started to adjust the cables on the topside of the carbs. The left side dropped a bit but the right adjuster broke. That really started the day off on a craptastic note. The adjuster is brass and I was being careful to not use too much force but still *snap*. A new one is en route from Pro-Flo. I pulled the carbs, sprayed them out and drained the tank.

After rinsing the gas out of my mouth I sat back and looked at my bike. Then, like always the thought popped in my head. *sell it* But this time it truly sounded like a good idea. I've put a lot of money and time into this bike and I don't have to time to work on it like I used to. Granted that will change but not before this season is over. So that will be 2 missed seasons.

I'm not looking at the CL450 as a failure, it's just getting to the point where it might be smarter to walk away. Funkz and I built a running engine and assembled a bike out of boxes of parts. I'm pretty proud of that (even though it ran kinda crappy due to the carbs).

So, I posted the bike for sale on a few boards and had some hits. But the devils on my shoulders are playing the "sell it, no keep it" game. Say I get the Mikuni's running, what will be next?

Should I just let this one go and be proud of what I built? Is it smarter to just get a set of stock CV carbs and sell off the Mikuni's? They would pay for the new carbs and part of a set of tires. But I won't be able to work more than a few hours every other Sunday or Saturday. I hate making these kinds of decisions. For now the ads stay online.

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Surly said...

Don't sell it. Yet.
You must ride it first. Get it running and ride it some. Then make your decision.