I've had a big interest in FlatTrack for the last year or two. Finally I got to check out a local race and it was a blast!

On Saturday, we went to Indianapolis National Speedway to watch the races. It was amazing, I had never seen Speedway bikes before. I didn't even know Jawa was still in business! My Mom's friend Mike happens to be a 500cc class racer. He finished 3rd in the heat and 4th in the final. Not too bad. For $10 we watched 4 hours of racing. Everything from tiny 50cc quads to the incredibly agile and fast speedway bikes. Just pure throttle, balance and nerves of steel. If anyone is within driving distance and wants to check them out let me know. I think we're going back on Sept 16th.

This Sunday, we're heading to Mike's house to ride the wooded trails and hopefully his small flat track. It will be my fiance's first time on a bike but I think she'll pick it up pretty quick. I'm itching to get on his track back and see if I can work up the nerve to throw the lean. Probably not but it will still be fun.

Now if I could only find people to bring back Board Track using spookytooth cycles!

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