and a darkness was spread across the land....

After dinner on Tuesday, the Wife and I plopped down on the couch to watch the remake of Dawn of the Dead. Just when things were getting good, *BOOM* the transformer gets nailed by lightning. Our river shack is on septic and well. No power = no more water after the tank has been drained. I grabbed the flashlights and glo-sticks while Amanda light some candles. Turns out, most of the glo-sticks were past their prime. Looks like I need to restock my emergency kits! According to IPL, the power would be out until midnight.

We spent the rest of the night enjoying the silence, waiting for the power to return. By morning, it was still dark. After a shower at my Mom's place, I grabbed the cooler and some ice to try and save the food.

The power came back about noon. By then, I had made up my mind that we've lived without a generator for too long. So, I'm trading my Kel-Tec and a little cash for a new Coleman Powerman 5000, I mean Powermate 5000w. One step closer to surviving the zombie hordes. But now I'm down a firearm.

Guess it's time to save my pennies for a new carry gun!