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Hunting for chametz!

This will be our first Passover, we're both excited and nervous. There are a lot of rules and regulations and we have to figure out where we fit in. Our rabbi is Sephardi, so we definitely lean that direction. I admit, I don't understand a lot of the Ashkenazi traditions. Some seem overbearing to the point of being ridiculous. Like no green beans during Passover? Huh? Leavened products I can see, same with fermented but beans? Too each his/her own.

A family from the synagogue invited us to their seder. We're looking forward to it. They're incredibly nice and I know we'll learn a lot. And there is a vast amount of knowledge that still has to be absorbed. It can still be intimidating at times but there's no turning back, nor would I want to.

Today at the morning service, we got invited to the 2nd night seder at the Cantor's house. His wife was our Hebrew teacher and did a great job, too bad I'm lazy at studying! Anywho, it was a good day at the synagogue. In addition to the invite, we also got called to the bimah to close the ark. Then Rabbi D. introduced us to the congregation. It was a good day. =]


Brigid said...

Wherever the tradition takes you, a candlelit solemnity, the smiles of a child, I hope it is blessed.

red said...

Thank you Brigid. =]

Surly said...

I have no idea what any of that meant. Despite my ignorance, I hope you have an appropriately enjoyable holiday.

red said...

Thanks Surly!

Roberta X said...


...I have blogged about bein' tone-deaf to faith but there is something remarkable about the living connection to traditions thousands of years old. My heartfelt respect to you both.

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