our first morel!

The Mrs and I went out mushroom hunting today. No luck at one location, we even saw another guy who was hunting. We dropped the dog off at home and headed to another spot. After about 45 minutes of searching, we hopped on the trail to head back. Within a few feet, I almost stepped on a little morel growing off the path. We snapped some pictures and plucked him out of the ground. After about searching the surrounding area, we moved on. We walked out of the woods with one lonely 'shroom. But, where there is one, there are more. So, we'll head back again soon.


Brigid said...

I could be really bad and say "and the Morel of the story is?"

Looks like fun. . mushroom pasta sauce for dinner. That's the plan.

Surly said...

I had one literally, growing outside my back door.